Immune System Boosting Drug to Work With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Nivolumab PD1 inhibitor drug

A number of new drugs have shown the ability to boost the immune system to help it fight cancer. Some of the drugs simply help the immune system detect and kill cancer cells. They do this by disabling the mechanisms cancer cells use to remain hidden. One such drug is Nivolumab. There is a protein […]

Repurposing Drugs for use in Oncology

Cimetidine to help fight cancer

A new research paper has looked at commonly used drugs that can be repurposed to help fight cancer. One example is the common used indigestion medicine cimetidine, which can help treat colorectal cancer. Medical professionals already know cimetidine is safe, from various trials and many years of use. Therefore, it can be easily combined with […]

FDA Approves Ovarian Cancer Drug “Avastin”

Avastin Receives FDA Approval for Ovarian Cancer

Drugmaker Roche has notified the public that the FDA has approved Avastin as a treatment for Ovarian cancer. The new drug is designed to work in conjunction with chemotherapy in recurrent cases where there is resistance to platinum-based chemotherapy. The drug has already been approved for Glioblastoma (GBM), Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (mCRC), Non–Small Cell Lung […]

Stanford Researchers Target Cancer Cell Proliferation

Axl and Gas6 Proteins Cancer Metastasis

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new therapy which may be able to disrupt cancer cell proliferation. The treatment prevents cancer cells breaking away from a tumor to spread cancer to other locations in the body. The metastasis process is how cancer cells proliferate and create more problems for cancer patients. Most people die […]

Survival Rates Increasing with Targeted Molecular Therapy

James Lagno Cancer Genomics Treatment

ABC news have posted a story about a man named James Lango, who was diagnosed with a number of cancers, but has survived longer than expected thanks to an experimental cancer treatment. “Molecular targeted therapy” was used on Lagno, with new varieties of drugs tailored specifically to target the type of cancer he has. Lagno […]

Exciting New Lung Cancer Drugs

Immunotherapy Lung Cancer Treatment

Researchers have revealed some new drug treatments which are capable of completely clearing tumors for people with advanced stage lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of the disease and once it has metastasized to other parts of the body the prognosis for the patient is usually very grim and they […]

Measles Vaccine to Combat Cancer?

Viruses May be a Cancer Cure?

An unusual and experimental cancer treatment is currently being tested by the Mayo Clinic and is showing good signs – injecting people with high doses of measles vaccine. Some results have been impressive including a woman with widespread blood cancer who received the injection and went into complete remission afterwards. The injection of measles vaccine […]

What is Cancer Genomics?


Genomics To understand what the term Cancer Genomics actually means first requires you to understand what Genomics are. To put it as simply as possible, genomics refers to a discipline in genetics that uses DNA sequencing, recombinant DNA and bioinformatics to analyze, sequence and assemble the function and structure of genomes. Genomes are a “complete […]

Trials Show Good Results For Cancer Drug Neratinib

Puma Biotechnology

Continuing trials for a new breast cancer drug called Neratinib have shown some encouraging results. The drug has been developed by biotechnology company Puma Biotechnology and is currently in mid stage trials. In the trials it was shown to be more effective than Herceptin, a similar drug developed by pharmaceutical company Roche. The drugs have […]

Promising New Breast Cancer Drug Improves Prognosis

Pfizer Breast Cancer

A new breast cancer drug by pharmaceutical company Pfizer is having some promising results in improving the prognosis of women with advanced breast cancer, according to new research. The clinical trial found that the drug halved the risk that the cancer would worsen. According to the research the median survival time for women taking the […]