New Insurance Laws Affecting Cancer Centers

Cancer Insurance Changes

Cancer Insurance Changes

In an alarming new development, it turns out that under the new health care program currently being rolled out by the Obama administration, some cancer hospitals are not included in the insurance coverage.

A number of doctors, hospital administrators and insurance regulators discovered the issue in recent months are are now spreading the word.

Associated Press recently reported on the exclusion of these hospitals. As an example of what they found – the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is excluded by five out of the eight insurers in the Washington Insurance Exchange. The MD Anderson Cancer Center has indicated that it is available in only half of the plans in the Houston area and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering facility in New York is only included by two of the nine insurers!

Only four nationally recognized cancer centers contacted by Associated Press indicated that universal access was available to their treatment centers with all plans included their facilities in their coverage.

Insurance companies previously listed these prestigious cancer centers as a major selling point for their policies. Now they are more focused on keeping costs down so are stripping some of the more expensive elements from their policies.

The importance of this issue is that not only might people miss out on their preferred treatment center, they might in fact miss out on the best possible treatment for their illness, including access to medical trials of new cancer drugs.

For people who have a history of cancer in their family, they might be able to plan ahead and make sure their plan includes some of the more renowned cancer treatment centers. However for most people, to whom cancer is a horrible surprise – they might suddenly realize their insurance plan does not include the best outcome for them.

So what can you do to obtain the best insurance for your family? Shop around and read the fine print. Additionally, if you know where the best cancer treatment facility in your area is, you can contact them for a list of insurance plans that include their facility as a treatment location.

That all makes Barack Obama’s health care plan seem a bit lack luster right? Well the good news is that under he Affordable Health Care act insurers can no longer turn you away people with preexisting health problems, or charge them more for having those conditions before being insured. That is incredible news for people who have a history of dealing with cancer.

Because insurers are now being super competitive when it comes to price, they are trimming what they can. That means if you have very specific health care requirements or you are concerned about a particular ailment like cancer, you need to look at the policies in fine detail.

Insurance companies are required to be very clear with you about their policies as well, so ask as many questions as you need to, to get the assurances you need. Cancer survivors and anyone with a family history of cancer needs to pay particular attention to their policy.

If your workplace is choosing your insurance for you, it might be a problem you can’t easily solve.

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