Report: Air Pollution Causes Cancer

Air Pollution and Cancer

Air Pollution and Cancer

A new report has been released by a medical research group working for the World Health Organization (WHO) that confirms air pollution is giving people lung cancer.

The WHO sponsored organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancers (IARC), suggests that heavy air pollution is in fact more dangerous than smoking cigarettes.

In previous research, scientists revealed that certain components of air pollution like diesel fumes are in fact carcinogens. This new report expands that carcinogen classification to air pollution and smog in totality.

Your chances of getting lung cancer from air pollution are low, but air pollution is so persistent now, that exposure is common and difficult to avoid. From motor vehicles to aircraft, power plants and industrial emissions, the level of air pollution in most parts of the world continues to rise.

Air pollution has also been linked to heart disease and other respiratory illnesses. Scientists expect that the findings will speed up the push for tighter air pollution controls in many countries. There are also grave concerns over a number of cities in China where air pollution is a large problem – rates of lung cancer and respiratory illnesses are expected to increase rapidly.

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