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Bladder Cancer Spread To Lymph Nodes?

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Bladder Cancer Spread To Lymph Nodes?

Postby Bofind » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:51 am

My husband has been diagnosed with a bladder cancer that originated in the kidney. (they thought it was kidney cancer, but found out later it was actually bladder cancer) There were multiple swollen lymph nodes surrounding the kidney. He had the kidney removed and most of the lymph nodes. When the pathology results came back they said the cancer was metastatic and the prognosis was poor. The oncologist ordered a ct scan of his chest and saw 2 more swollen lymph nodes near his lungs. His lungs were clear though. Before his operation all his other scans were clear.

So my question is, if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes but no other organs yet, is there anything they can do? I know it may not be curable but can they treat it? How fast would it spread to other organs? Can they remove the lung lymph nodes? Would that make a difference? Would chemo help? He is 49, fit and healthy.

Thank you x
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Bladder Cancer Spread To Lymph Nodes?

Postby ulrich52 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:00 am

If it is spread to lymph nodes, that means it has gone to the elsewhere in the body. It could be hiding anywhere in the body.

I heard of a celebrity who died recently of bowel cancer, his name is Sir Bobby Robson. He survived with his bowel cancer for 17 years and died of it this month only.

I do not know much about this cancer, but I know about prostate cancer which my dad has been affected with. His was spread out of lymph nodes too. But with harmone suppression, his cancer is under control.

Please do not panic, do some online research on this cancer. search through yahoo groups and other forums, are there any online groups functioning and discussion this group. I found a group for prostate cancer, it is amazing that the kind of experiences from the surviving people from those forums.

Note that once it is spread, cancer is an intelligent disease, and you never know what will happen next.
There are only mechanisms to control it. And you never know 100% a treatment would work.

Then when doctors suggest something, do not hesitate to get second opinion.
There are plenty of theories, ideas and suggestions regarding cancer. So, choose the best what you think than relying on one doctor.
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Bladder Cancer Spread To Lymph Nodes?

Postby Hob » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:02 am

49!! He is very young to have bladder cancer. I am so sorry. Bladder cancer does not originate in the kidney it originates in the bladder. If it was found in the kidney that means it has spread to other organs and it is not curable. Removing the lymph nodes near the lungs will not help. Chemo delays progression 7-8 months in 50% of the cases.
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