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Bladder Cancer Question?

All discussions relating to bladder cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Bladder Cancer Question?

Postby Abeeku » Sun May 21, 2017 2:52 pm

For goodness sake -

The vast majority of bladder cancers are diagnosed when they are superficial not advanced and more than 90% of those patients have blood in their urine. They do not have symptoms of UTI. MRI bladder scans are not done. Usually they will do a UA and more often than not a cysto is done in the office followed by a TURBT in the hospital to remove the tumor(s). This is not a rare cancer it the 5th most common cancer in the United States.
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Bladder Cancer Question?

Postby Ailin » Sun May 21, 2017 2:53 pm

Were all too fragile JESUS .. tired of it all..
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Bladder Cancer Question?

Postby Amett » Sun May 21, 2017 2:57 pm

Blood in the urine is how my wife's uncle found out about his bladder cancer.
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Bladder Cancer Question?

Postby Tryp » Sun May 21, 2017 2:58 pm

i admire all your suggestions different than the reminiscence e book. She might think of she is terminal and you're in simple terms attempting to hasten her loss of existence. Be upbeat. Ask her how she is feeling? Pray along with her. Do issues for her so she doesnt exert a lot of capability. in my view, i think of her threat is super rather when you consider that they arent attempting to get her into surgery quicky, If it grew to become into actual undesirable, they could have already had her in surgery.
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Bladder Cancer Question?

Postby Bensson » Sun May 21, 2017 3:05 pm

There usually aren't any signs until it is well advanced.
Pain is possible.
Stricture of the urinary flow.
Blood in the urine.
Generally the way it is detected is microscopic blood in the urine found during a urine test. Some signs can be similar to a UTI and they do a urine test to check for that and the blood shows up, even if it wasn't present visibly.
If other signs or risk factors are there, they will instill a fluid into your bladder and flush it out, then look through the microscope for cancer cells.
Also they can do a bladder scan via MRI usually.
Bladder cancer is fairly rare except in older folks and in small children.
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