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Are my rubber bands for my braces making my throat feel weird?

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Are my rubber bands for my braces making my throat feel weird?

Postby nolyn » Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:32 am

Lately, i have noticed that my throat feels very tight and i can't make it relax...and also it is sometimes tingly...sometimes in the front it stings and it feels like theres a lump there and it feels weird to swallow...i don't know what this is...i have been using the rubberbands for my braces and thats the only explanation i can think of...because the rubber bands are supposed to be fixing my overbite and i have stopped using them now, but i still get the weird feeling. i'm just not sureif this feeling is because of the rubber bands pulling my jaw forward or from something more serious..like cancer...my orthodontist didn't mention that the rubber bands would cause a weird feeling so if anyone has had rubber bands and if you know that they are causing this weird feeling...it would take off alot of worry for me. thanks
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