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Anyone Give Me An Idea As To Why Such A Problem Repeatedly Persists In This Workplace?

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Anyone Give Me An Idea As To Why Such A Problem Repeatedly Persists In This Workplace?

Postby Travers » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:57 pm

Let's say that person A had been recommended to work in a particular minor business due to the fact that they were unemployed and this individual thought it was best to "rescue" them from their situation. Upon arriving, a few people have a chat with you but one of them who is a senior member of the group obtains power from management to obtain an unauthorized and illegal background check on person A that is humiliating in its nature. At the workplace, nobody trains him and expects him to learn the "ropes" but repeatedly criticizes him for errors in very humiliating and shaming methods. After a chat with him, people are unwilling to work with him. A person who seemingly helps gives you a 500 page report in half unintelligible technical jargon that adds to the confusion that delays the guy's work.

Meanwhile, person A loses alot of money due to free volunteer hours demanded from said person, including medical damages due to the stressful environment (there is no intention of righting human resources complaints as it is common protocol to ignore them) . The supervisor is the type of person who spends time alot of time keeping tabs on employees with their their salary. He also uses information he obtains watching security cameras to embarass employees and retaliates back at them for criticizing his behaviour by opening up sham investigations.

Meanwhile person A, out of his own initiative, decides to take himself out of the rut and performs very hard. At his peak performance, his top supervisor suddenly accuses him of something wrong, and sends in a coworker to spy on him while pretending to work with him in the same office space. His coworker repeatedly steals and takes credit for his ideas that make him have top performance results while spying on him, refuses to let management know of hidden loopholes or shortcomings in a project, and also takes advantage of his depression issues to repeatedly report idiosyncratic errors of passing comments or thinking to the top. His coworker does things to not let him rest during breaks. The supervisor, on the other hand, all the while praising person A's work, has no intention of defending him from this coworker's reports that portray this person negatively. In fact, the supervisor repeatedly reminds person A that he could threaten to demote him for any possibly unexpected turn of events should person A either turn out to be 1) too mentally unfit to work, 2) gay, 3) criticizes the manager 4) has "bad character". Person A has to repeatedly defend himself from superfluous comments and excessive obsessional spying that it erodes his confidence, decreases his work performance drastically, leads to arguments in his family when he goes home, and causes mental health issues. His sub manager knows that this happens but refuses to pay him more for his work, and while taking credit for his ideas and sharing it with other coworkers to allow them to advance to his level, only pushes person A with the most stressful jobs out of his personal cowardice and refuses to provide him with medical attention unless it is to make a report that he's "mentally unfit to work well" after subtly enabling the worst case scenario. His sub manager also intentionally points him out to the rest of the workplace to put him in the centre of attention which sabotages his ability to do teamwork because he's "marked as the troublemaker".
During a company medical checkup, his supervisor was ready to write him off as having terminal cancer before there was any proof that that he had it, solely for the purpose of ending a potential promotion that he could have been entitled for.

When person A tries to submit that e-mails had gone unanswered, communications had gone to the wrong parties or had failed to be sent, or his teammates had been intentionally left out of the loop regarding financing decisions which cause his department to lose up to 20 K, his supervisor ignore it or gives vaguely worded answers to this problem, telling him that problems will fix. Person A is meant to be blamed in the event that any project that he is majorly responsible for should fail. Meanwhile, his performance gradually deteriorates drastically and he is not sure about quitting due to the fact that he is told that he is a wonderful asset (only in words but no action), but worries about angering or pissing off the head secretary in the company. Meanwhile, his other coworkers have zero stress at all, have no problems with any bias against them, save their asses when necessary, takes minimal to no responsibility.He has a female coworker who has an interest in him but she does not stop mutual friends harassing him.

-What happened and what should he have done?
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Anyone Give Me An Idea As To Why Such A Problem Repeatedly Persists In This Workplace?

Postby Aegelmaere » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:58 pm

He should look for a new company or just always cover his *** at this job. It's a hell job and most of us have had them. They tear down their employees which causes malice, gossip, favoritism and no team work in the office. It's a dumb way to run a team. But that's how it is run. Know that.

And from now keep conversation logs and time logs. Be very specific. Date every entry and write down the conversation. This is a great tool. Always check with your supervisor on everything and write that down as well. Show your time and what you are doing and what is causing it to slow down. CYA

Find another job in the meantime.
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Anyone Give Me An Idea As To Why Such A Problem Repeatedly Persists In This Workplace?

Postby Wilfred » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:01 pm

Too long and confusing to read, can you try again?
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Anyone Give Me An Idea As To Why Such A Problem Repeatedly Persists In This Workplace?

Postby Ozi » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:06 pm

because you let it.
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Anyone Give Me An Idea As To Why Such A Problem Repeatedly Persists In This Workplace?

Postby Connlan » Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:28 pm

Background check report must be made in every work place. It helps to know the behaviour of the worker. Thus the background check report must be made in an efficient and low cost manner. The following site is useful for background check report.
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