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Any Other Teens With A Thyroid Nodule?

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Any Other Teens With A Thyroid Nodule?

Postby jeronimo44 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:43 pm

I'm a 22 year old mother of two and I have a couple of firm thyroid nodules. I'm scared that they are cancerous. They were found at the age of 16. I've had many ultrasounds done, but no biopsies. I have a severe phobia and the ONLY 100 percent way they'll be able to find out if they are cancerous is via surgery. I'm taking the watch and wait method. Anyway, here's some more information:

- 9mm solid hypoechogenic (sp?) mass.

- 2.5cm somewhat complex cystic mass.

- Both on the right lobe.

- Also, have a permanently enlarged mastoid bone mass the size of a thumb print.

- All if the above have been stable for over 5 years.

- Grandma had benign thyroid nodule.

- I've had all if the thyroid blood tests, which were normal.

- I do had a cough, but not very bad.

- Been bruising a bit and body aches.

I have a lot of things stating that it is possible cancer, but none of my ENTs are that concerned ( I've seen three.) I'm calling tomorrow for another ultrasound.
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Any Other Teens With A Thyroid Nodule?

Postby Cristofor » Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:44 pm

We often see hypothyroid symptoms totally reversed when commits to a plan that supports balance through nutrition and daily self-care. Learn here https://tr.im/JWqnt

Consume foods naturally high in B vitamins, such as whole grains, nuts, and seeds, and iodine (fish, seaweed, vegetables and root vegetables).

Exercise daily, at least 30?60 minutes per day, 4?5 times a week.

Practice deep breathing and other techniques that trigger the ?relaxation response? ? such as meditation and guided visualization.
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Any Other Teens With A Thyroid Nodule?

Postby Merv » Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:48 pm

A few months ago, I was very sick, zero energy, freezing cold, depressed, weight gain, thought I was dying. I read every word of this Hypothyroidism Revolution program and followed all the advice. My life turned around the first week. I started to feel human again. Within weeks my energy came back and I felt like living again.

Get the entire hypothyroidism revolution system today? just choose the best option for you.
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Any Other Teens With A Thyroid Nodule?

Postby Niichaad » Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:50 pm

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Any Other Teens With A Thyroid Nodule?

Postby acair » Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:55 pm

In SIX yrs, if they were cancerous, you would be dead! That is basically what I was told about the possibility of migraines, I had already had for yrs, being from brain tumors.
Many thyroid disease sufferers have these benign nodules.

"I've had all if the thyroid blood tests, which were normal. " Do NOT count on this.

Thyroid disease is missed more than found. Three reasons: 1) not checking for antibodies; 2) going by wrong TSH 'normal' range; and, 3) not listening to symptoms.

You need testing for thyroid ANTIBODIES as well as TSH.
TSH ?norm? should be .3 ? 3 (w/ most feeling best at < 2, like maybe ONE) but, for diagnosis, may not mean much if ANTIBODIES are present which is indicative of Hashimoto?s Autoimmune Thyroiditis (cycles between HYPER & HYPO at start)?it is the main cause of eventual HypOthyroidism but worse (...OR Graves Disease ? HypERthyroid from beginning).

You will have to INSIST they test for the antibodies. [anti-TPO and TgAb] They can code so that ins will pay.

WARNING: Doctors seem not to want to find/treat thyroid disease.
You may have to go to more than one doctor before you get the right tests, interpretation, and treatment.
Best wishes.


Ck these: http://thyroid.about.com/bio/Mary-Shomon... http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/ http://www.thyrophoenix.com/index.html


God bless you
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