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Abilify Or Effexor For Major Depressive Disorder?

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Abilify Or Effexor For Major Depressive Disorder?

Postby Jie » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:39 pm

It is hard to say what med will work for you. That's the problem with the meds. It is trial and error. I think you should be on something if you are suicidal. Get a good, natural diet, exercise, and look into acupuncture. It is a slow treatment (will take months) but is completely natural.

You can also use acupuncture for the withdrawal symptoms. I have used it to get off of several medications. Also know some people who have quit smoking solely using acupuncture. It works for things your body is addicted to.

Effexor detox was actually my worst. You want to go off of it VERY SLOWLY. I was told to go off of it in too short an amount of time and paid dearly for it. I do not like effexor at all. It's hard to say how you will react to a medication and if it will help you or not. That is the problem with these meds. And they all have side effects.

I have unipolar disorder as well (it has many names). I was told when I was diagnosed that I would be on their drugs for life because it is a chronic condition. To hell with that! I got on a good diet (no alcohol, caffeine, or excess amounts of sugar), exercise, take supplements (a multi-vitamin, vitamin D, and fish oil/omega 3 are some that are very beneficial for our "condition") Then I have acupuncture sessions. Actually have one tomorrow. Initially, it takes months for the depression/suicidal feelings to go away and you will have bad days ans slips. Overall, I found so much more relief in acupuncture. I go side effects from all of the drugs that were simply horrible. Once again, if you are suicidal you may need to be on one for a while for your safety. That is the one time I do recommend them when saving your life is more important than side effects.

This disorder has many names: Major depressive disorder, unipolar disorder, unipolar depression, recurrent depressive disorder, clinical depression, and major depression. I prefer the unipolar because it explains it a bit better. It is actually a sort of cousin to bipolar 2. Less severe moods swings than bipolar 1, but we do not experience manic episodes.

My psychiatrist actually does not treat people that she has diagnosed with unipolar disorder with antidepressants. She did with me before she realized what I actually had. She finds for people with mood disorders (as opposed to a single, long episode of depression) that antidepressants tend to make things worse psychologically. They did for me. So she had me on mood stabilizers while I made the lifestyle changes and waited for the acupuncture to really start the healing process. I can't say this is how it is for everyone, but that what she and I have both found. I have met other people who went through the exact same experiences where antidepressants worsened their mood disorders.

I do suggest trying the acupuncture. As I said, I was told years ago that I will go into this depressed state again and again in life if I am not medicated. I've already had the very beginning of one "relapse". But I was able to recognize what was going on--caught it before it got bad. Went to the acupuncturists and didn't have to go back on meds. Totally worth it.

If you have any questions about unipolar disorder, the meds, or acupuncture, feel free to send me a message. I've already been through all of this (still s-l-o-w-l-y working my way off the last med xanax--body is literally addicted to this ****) I wish you the best :)
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Abilify Or Effexor For Major Depressive Disorder?

Postby kestejoo » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:41 pm

I take Effexor - had short-term but minimal side effects when I started (insomnia for about 10 days, slight loss of appetite which has continued). Reducing the dose has been no problem - I went down from 225mg to 150mg a few months ago with no trouble at all, and now dropping to 75mg with no problems. My appetite has increased slightly again, but only going back to what it was before I took the Effexor.

I has made a huge difference to how I feel, but I still had a problem with low energy. My Dr added wellbutrin which has also been great, and that's why I am reducing the Effexor. I had horrendous side effects with SSRIs, which are supposed to be the ones without many side effects!

Everyone reacts differently, but remember the stories people bother to put on the internet are the worst! There's nothing much to say when it all works smoothly, so you don't tend to hear about them.
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Abilify Or Effexor For Major Depressive Disorder?

Postby danakas62 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:49 pm

Won't understand except you are attempting it. I can inform you this, Effexor can have the worst withdrawals of any antidepressant. Hence by myself, I suggest that you go together with Cymbalta first. If it doesn't work, it will be simpler to stop and give Effexor a try. I also hope that you've already tried a couple of SSRIs first. If no longer, severely take into account seeing one more doc. SNRIs are the heavy hitters in the anti-d world. No factor swatting a fly with a wrecking ball.
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